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As an IP and development agency we aim to turn your ideas into live monetized user experiences. We have been developing successful portals since 1997, and work with top industry experts to develop an engaging UX driven design for your brand.

WE Design

Our talent is designing high-impact web portals that will communicate your brand message which will turn visitors into customers.

WE Relate

Public relations is a cornerstone of brand presence, both online and offline. Companies use us to produce effective releases to reach their target audiences.

WE Protect IP

Our IP experts protect creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; domain names; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.


How WE do what WE do.
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Intellectual Property Representation


Public Relations

Domain Names

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WE know what's important.

  • Own Your Exact .COM – Bank Sent Over 60,000 Customers Info to Similar Domain Mailbox

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    One of Australia’s big 4 banks has found out the hard way that it’s a good idea for a large company to obtain its top level domain. Not just the country code Top Level Domain that the company operates in. The bank, NAB, formerly National Australia Bank, sent the account details of over 60,000 customers […]

  • dnBolt Scrapes NameBio Database To Find Dropped Acquired Domains

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    Having data and intelligence is the key to profitability. Recently “The Bolt”, a programmer and domain investor at dnBolt.com,  decided to take on a project that required him to scrape the available data from NameBio.com. For those not familiar with NameBio.com, they are a trusted resource that reports domain name sales. Here is what was said about this […]

  • vrAudio Brings In An $8,000 USD Buyer Through Sedo

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    Sedo released their weekly sales data and the sale of VRaudio.com will please the VR investors out there as the domain sold for $8,000. Another VR related name sold with VR4.com going for $2,500. To date our own brokerage has made solid four figure sales of VR domains and IP properties. We look forward to […]

  • Uniregistry Finally Reports All Six-Figure Sales Of 2015

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    Here is the list of six-figure sales completed in 2015 by Uniregistry: RP.com $575,000 5/1/15 Yinyue.com $240,000 6/2/15 FinancialNews.com $200,000 2/17/15 Say.com (co-brokered with MediaOptions.com) $200,000 4/22/15 Fenghuang.com $195,000 5/24/15 Recette.com $170,000 3/2/15 SportsWorld.com $150,000 3/6/15 Discuss.com $150,000 6/4/15 DrugAddiction.com $150,000 11/12/15 5432.com $148,000 10/15/15 Enersis.com $145,237 8/18/15 U8.com $130,000 6/25/15 Tonix.com $120,000 6/11/15 Ocio.com […]

  • Advice from Chinese startup CEO: Get your domain name first

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    Domain names are no longer just addresses in the digital world. They are taking center stage in any new business. A domain name has become part of a brand, and a brand cannot stand unless the matching domain name can be secured. The long-term outlook of domain names is very bright. Short, meaningful domain names […]

  • Coolside Limited Gets Slapped With Domain Hijacking!

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    Company that owns TRTL.co.uk tried to get TRTL.com through UDRP. This travel pillow is sold by a reverse domainname hijacker. This travel pillow is sold by a reverse domainname hijacker. Coolside Limited, a company that sells a travel pillow, has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking. The company filed a UDRP […]

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